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Welcome to our September 2016 edition! September may be seen as one of the saddest months of the year because it ushers in the official end to summer fun. On the flip side, others welcome the cooler temperatures and last opportunities to enjoy the transition from summer to fall. As such, you can witness that splender first-hand on the QCT Blue Ridge Parkway Fall Leaf Change trip.

As promised we have set up our first tour in Sunny South Florida and on Saturday December 27, 2014 we completed our inaugural QCT Miami Daily City Tour™. You may have noticed that we have replaced the old pictorial array of content in this edition in favor of our new WOW-Slider gizmo located to the left and just below the navigation buttons. You can see this new gizmo in action by clicking on the ‘+’ symbol in the upper right-hand corner of the graphic. In addition, if you click on any Read More link at the end of each article or the Main Site ePub link on the left and up, you will be directed to our main site where you will notice a big difference in our design which is more updated and presented in a more magazine-like format.

In this edition we feature our annual article on Fall and Holiday Trips 2016. We also re-published our exclusive travel interview with the owner of Villa Di Greve, in Chianti, Italy. Our new travel review is of Hef’s Bar and Grill in Matthews, NC. Our travel news includes an international report on a tour of Belgrade, Serbia , national travel news on the first U.S. flights to communist Cuba, and regional travel news on 2017 new plans at Carowinds in North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Next month we will feature another interesting travel article; present another travel interview with a tourist or entertainment professional, and a travel review of another interesting site.

Last month in August we lost three notable celebrities to include a very funny and talented man Mr. Gene Wilder, one of the stars of the hilarious western spoof Blazing Saddles and 5-time co-star with the late great comedian Mr. Richard Pryor. May they Rest In Peace from Trend Magazine Online™.

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In Memory Of:

Mr. John Saunders

02/02/1955 - 08/10/2016
ESPN Sportscaster (1986 - death)

John Saunders
Source: Wikimedia

In Memory Of:

Mr. Alberto Aguilera Valadez
b.k.a. Juan Gabriel

01/07/1950 - 08/28/2016
Composer, Mexican Singer (6-time Grammy nominee)

Juan Gabriel
Source: Wikimedia

In Memory Of:

Mr. Jerome Silberman
b.k.a. Gene Wilder
06/11/1933 - 08/29/2016
Writer, Actor; Blazing Saddles (1974)

Gene Wilder
Source: Wikimedia

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